Smart Planner


Personal project, to develop application for nowadays user.

My goal was to start designing a platform, where everyone can track their time and develop new skills in a long run

Methods used

Design: Balsamiq, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator
Client: Personal Project

Project Overview

Using various methods, I've started my project, with quick brainstorming. I wrote down various reasons, why it's valuable for the business, why customers would like to use it daily and what technologies will be included. After that I created a mindmap and simple sketches of information architecture.

It was also important to define target group, so I spent some time tackling user problems, age group preferences and how often different regions use certain apps.

After having a few ideas, I moved on to Balsamiq wireframing software and started putting together various bits and widgets.

After completing basic pages, I created a quick visual designs in illustrator and the rest transferred to Adobe XD where I was able to start building interactive prototype. Using various tools, my pages got a simple and clean look.

I completed a few forms and created smooth interaction, to show user flow for potential testers. This project is still in progress and many features will appear in the next steps. It's early concept and will be released for testing in order to collect better insights from the users.