A client based in Bristol (United Kingdom) requested to redesign their website and introduce new features.

I had an amazing experience to create a prototype and skeleton for the robotics company that has released a robot/toy, which can be managed with an app and bluetooth. It’s suitable for multiple players or it’s possible to play alone.

Methods used

Code Languages: HTML/CSS
Design: Balsamiq, InVision, Adobe Photoshop
Client: Reach Robotics
Year: 2017

Project Overview

I had to define my own scope, prioritize my tasks and to present all materials I have created on time. Even though I had no time to prepare A/B or guerilla testing for the users, I managed to kick off this project from the ground and redesign website, with a new perspective. It’s not a fully functional web page, but it has wireframes, interactive concept, high fidelity prototypes and complete research.

First of all I’ve started my research by defining business goals, collecting all the information I had and understanding user needs. It’s not a piece of pie, to start redesigning a page, but with the right data and steady research, it’s possible to reach the point, when design just flows. So I’ve completed a SWOT business analysis, to understand prons and cons of the product.

Since it’s a new niche, I wasn’t able to conduct competitor analysis. Robots itself is not something that doesn’t exist, but gaming robot, is interactive product, that enters the world with the new perspective of technology. After analyzing my product I’ve started creating paper prototypes, to feel how webpage suppose to look like.

Being able to create early prototype on paper I moved on to low-fi wireframes. It’s more accurate and I can start recreating my early design to the hi-fi later on. A few examples below.

Of course changes appears in every steps, but overall the vision of redesigned product is getting more clear. When I collected all data and images, wireframes, I’ve moved on to the next and important step, before heading to the real website : hi-fi prototype. Using Illustrator and Photoshop I’ve created various parts of the landing page.

Information architecture is valuable when it comes to user needs and smooth navigation. Despite that it’s worth to mention responsive design, since in this decade, most of the user are using phones and big percent of traffic might appear from having completely responsive page. This is my short description of the project I’ve been working on and how I was able to handle certain challenges that comes into my way. This is not a complete project, but just a vision of how it’s possible to redesign robotics page to increase value and attract more technology lovers to stop by.