Portfolio Redesign


The aim for this project was to transform assets into a new functional portfolio for a private client.

The website was coded to be completely responsive, making it a pleasure to view on any screen resolution. a functional picture slider has been implemented in order to enhance the user experience.

Design changes were made in order to preserve the original look of the prototype.

Methods used

Code Languages: HTML/CSS/JS
Design: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Framework: Bootstrap 3
Client: Personal project
Year: 2016

Project Overview

This was a project for the friend, who wants to start new chapter with a brand-new portfolio. I received many photos, paintings, graphic works and have decided to combine them together and make unique portfolio concept. Since photoshop is always opened in my computer, that was a simple task for me. So let’s take a look! I have started with this simple image. It was a background on the main page for the portfolio.

I have made social media icons in the corner and simple menu in the middle of the left side. This picture or logo that was provided, gives lovely feeling and portfolio first page looks much better than just a blank one.

Now we can move on on the portfolio part! All creativity can be placed here.Easy understandable gallery, that maintains the most important works.

During the creative process and early prototyping I've faced a few issues, but managed to solve them and prepare portfolio prototype in time. Adapting vision of the customer and making it simple for the user is always a challenge. To increase website usabillity and traffic it's also important to use correct SEO and social media. In the end I also helped to develop some features related with the marketing.

It’s simple, it’s clean and clear. Colors can be adapted and all the information you need is in one page!