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MekaMon is the world's first gaming robot, designed to bring the virtual and real world together for an intense combat experience. It is a multi-functional, connected battle-bot with Augmented Reality capabilities entirely controlled through your smartphone.

Project Description

A client based in Bristol (United Kingdom) requested to redesign their website and introduce new features. I had to create a prototype and skeleton for the robotics company that has released a robot/toy, which can be managed with an app and bluetooth.

Methods Used
  • Code Languages: HTML/CSS
  • Design: Balsamiq, InVision, Adobe Photoshop
  • Reasearch Methods: SWOT, Product Strategy


Since it’s a new niche, I wasn’t able to conduct competitor analysis. Robots itself is not something that doesn’t exist, but gaming robot, is interactive product, that enters the world with the new perspective of technology. After analyzing my product I’ve started creating paper prototypes and site navigation, to feel how webpage suppose to look like.


After analysing my target group and prioritizing business goals I came up with a few possible proposals. We need to fill lack of communication when it comes to interactive website and make easy, understandable, innovative web application for the customers.

I have made some changes on the first, home page, that would reflect MekaMon identity. On the original page we have two adults. They are ready to enter the battle and on the new redesigned page I implementing a bit different message. It’s less text, we have more visuals and interaction, from the first moment we enter the site. Instantly we can recognize this robot and watch a short video about it. There is a blue colored button: buy today just after the slogan. It represents trust, intelligence and confidence. There can be a few more color combinations when it comes to buy button.


Information architecture is valuable when it comes to user needs and smooth navigation.

I have discovered new features that future customers might endorse and it might help to attract more traffic. I have conducted a few research projects, about the brand and strategy. Including SWOT, general UX research methods and secondary research, as I’m not able to complete primary research in a given time and gather data from the users. Also I would spend a little bit more time on analysing this brand and setting more confident strategies. Overall I’ve tried to maintain unique, futuristic style and implementing new details, that might be valuable in the long run.


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