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Women’s Soccer Manager is the first sport game in the world targeting women. Become a manager of your favourite football club and use your knowledge and tactical skills to build a pro football career as a manager in Women’s Football League.

Project Description

Client based in Copenhagen (Denmark) wanted to design new football game and bring it to the unique market. I was responsible to help deliver an app, that works on various platforms and create identity for the Women's manager game. Available in the app stores, facebook and more.

Methods Used
  • Code Languages: HTML/CSS/ Unity
  • Design: Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom
  • Reasearch Methods: SWOT, A/B Testing, Guerilla testing, Quantitative and Qualitative surveys


I had a chance to create original identity for the Women's Soccer Manager game. It was a project that required to collect information about the potential users and present new concept to the players.

Women's football manager is the first game in the world, that features female player. Our goal was to create an app that promotes football players as a strong individuals and not the ones we used to see : lots of make-up, revealed sexuality and etc. We had a chance to connect with FIFA Women's football winner Morgan Brian, that helped us to develop this game. We arranged the photoshoot in USA with her, which lead us to the next steps. Game design development, testing and adding new features.


UI development process was based on A/B testing, creating wireframes and connecting with potential users. We released couple of surveys during development steps, reached out various people, that reflected our target group and gathered insights, to create user personas.

In the end we contacted Danish newspaper to write about new released game and journey towards empowering Women's in sport. As people are moving more towards gender equality, this topic got positive feedback, which helped to increase people interest in this game.


This project gave me a chance, to enter a new market and connect with various users. Our end goal was reached and project was delivered on time. Also people were excited to use this app and feedback was positive.


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